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BSEC-URTA Regional Projects Confirmed to be Supported by IRU

BSEC-URTA Regional Projects Confirmed to be Supported by IRU

The 32nd Meeting of the BSEC-URTA General Assembly was held in Tirana International Hotel (Tirana, Albania) 13 October 2017. The meeting was honoured by the participation of the Secretary General of BSEC Organization, His Excellency Ambassador Michael B. Christides, IRU Secretary General Mr. Umberto de Pretto and Secretary of the Legal and Political Affairs Committee of PABSEC Mrs. Natia Gaprindashvili.

Among the Decisions of the General Assembly on its 32nd meeting are:

Endorsement of the Conclusions of the IRU/BSEC-URTA/BSEC Round Table on work priorities under the Ukrainian Chairmanship of the BSEC Organization – Odessa on 6 September 2017. Welcomed the BSEC Secretary General informing about the BSEC Project Management Facility and the IRU Secretary General confirming the IRU interest to support regional e-TIR projects, which is among the adopted priorities in Odessa.

Taking note of the report of the 5th Meeting of the ad hoc Working Party on Insurance held in Istanbul on 28 August 2017 as presented by the Chairperson Ms. Natalia Polunina. Requested the Working Party to finalise the required set of legal documents allowing implementation of the insurance product including an appropriate policy pricing scheme (tariff), and to continue establishing the necessary Service Network by also involving the URVEST company as a potential main partner, which could provide required services. The General Assembly approved that the next meeting of the Working Party should take place in Istanbul in the first half of December 2017, which should target developing a concrete pilot project on CMR insurance in the BSEC region with the participation of the interested parties. Instructed the Working Party to submit the result of its work to the next meeting of the Management Council in January 2018.

Taking note and approval of the Activity Report on BSEC-URTA Priorities for 2017 and requested the Management Council to identify BSEC-URTA Priorities for 2018 at the outset of the new year by also taking into account possible feedback of the Members and Observers in order to ensure such priorities will be very specific and project oriented as possible.

Welcome of the developing cooperation between BSEC-URTA and the Istanbul Arbitration Center  (ISTAC), and approved the draft Memorandum of Understanding between ISTAC and BSEC-URTA and mandated the BSEC-URTA Secretary General to sign the MoU at a date to be jointly agreed upon by the parties.

The General Assembly kindly respected the decision of the founding Secretary General of BSEC-URTA in office Mr. Haydar Ozkan for stepping down in the end of his current term of office and nominating his Deputy as his successor. Mr. Adrian Albu was appointed as BSEC-URTA Secretary General for the term of office 2018-2021.

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Well-known New face of BSEC-URTA

The BSEC-URTA new appointed Secretary General Mr. Adrian Albu began his term-of-office with 1 January 2018.

Strategical View on Future Activities in the BSEC Region

Meeting of the BSEC Committee of Senior Officials was held on 13-14 December 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The BSEC-URTA Deputy Secretary General Mr. Adrian Albu participated the session.

BSEC-URTA was on a visit at AULT on Turkish land

Arab Union of Land Transport held its Meeting of Board of Directors on 7 December 2017 in Radisson Blu Bosphors Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. The BSEC-URTA Honorary President Mr. Vladimir Florea, the BSEC-URTA Secretary General Mr. Haydar Özkan, the BSEC-URTA Deputy Secretary General Mr. Adrian Albu took part in the meeting.

Search of Development Vectors of Passenger Transport in BSEC and Middle East Regions

AULT – BSEC-URTA Inter-Regional Passenger Transport Round Table on “Development of Passenger Transport in the Black Sea and Middle East Regions” was held on 6 December 2017 in BSEC Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey.