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Well-known New face of BSEC-URTA

Well-known New face of BSEC-URTA

The BSEC-URTA new appointed Secretary General Mr. Adrian Albu began his term-of-office with 1 January 2018.


Due to the decision of the 32nd General Assembly the BSEC-URTA Secretary General Mr. Haydar Özkan terminated his term-of-office on 31 December 2017 and on 1 January 2017 Mr. Adrian Albu entered upon his office.


In 2004-2017 Mr. Adrian Iosif Albu worked as the BSEC-URTA Deputy Secretary General. Since 1 October 2015 he also holds an appointment as IRU General Delegate.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mr. Adrian Albu in Baku reiterated the call to shift transport related documents from paper to digitalized ones

BSEC-URTA Secretary General took part in the Meetings of the BSEC Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs (Baku, 14 December 2018) and of BSEC Committee of Senior Officials (Baku, 12-13 December 2018).

Border Crossing Points Controls and Sharing Experience on the Spot

Meeting of the BSEC Working Group on Customs Matters and joint Meeting of BSEC Working Groups on Trade & Economic Development and on Customs Matters were held on 6 December 2018 in BSEC Headquarters in Istanbul.