Latest News »Facilitation of border crossings as of the main points of BSEC-URTA`s activities
Facilitation of border crossings as of the main points of BSEC-URTA`s activities

Facilitation of border crossings as of the main points of BSEC-URTA`s activities

Upon the initiative of BSEC-URTA, on 10 February 2020 BSEC Permis hosted a meeting with the representatives of BSEC and the International Secretariat of PABSEC. The purpose was to discuss and exchange views on the problems the truck-drivers, members of BSEC-URTA, are facing at most internal and external border crossing points of the Black Sea region, generally along the main transport corridors connecting the BSEC region with European Union countries, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Apart from the resulting considerable delays, which create a heavy economic burden for all interested stakeholders (exporters, importers, logistic-transportation companies), the above mentioned problems expose drivers, trucks and their cargo to serious security risks; not least among them are the persistent and desperate efforts of illegal immigrants to hide in (usually dangerous) parts of the trucks to cross the border check-point, thus creating further problems for the logistics companies and the drivers.

Consequently and upon the request of the BSEC-URTA, the issue of the major border crossing problems will be included in the Draft Agenda of the forthcoming Meeting of the Steering Committee on Facilitation of Road Transport of Goods in the BSEC Region, to be held at the BSEC Headquarters on April 2020.

On the meeting BSEC-URTA was represented by Secretary General Mr. Adrian Albu, Deputy Secretary General Mr. Alpdogan Kahraman and UND Chairman of Executive Committee Mr. Alper Ozel. BSEC-URTA experts shared with BSEC and PABSEC executives the transporters experiences regarding border crossing and refugee problems in the borders.


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